Seguso Vetri d'Arte (attr.) Murano Sommerso Glass Candle Sticks 1960s
Item e6441

A pair of heavy Murano sommerso glass candle sticks most probably manufactured by Seguso Vetri d'Arte and designed by Flavoi Poli circa 1960s. Manufactured in blue glass with a thick pink glass overlay. A classical design of the 60s which highlights every table or desk.

Seguso Vetri d'Arte was founded in 1933 by several glass masters amoung Archimede, Ernesto and Alberto Seguso. In 1934 Flavio Poli became artistic director and in 1937 partner. In the 1950s and 60s the sommerso, valva and siderale designs of Poli became very sucesssful. After the retirement of Poli in 1963 Mario Pinzoni took over the artistic direction. The company was liquidatd in 1985 and sold to Amelio Cenedese in 1990. Giampaolo Seguso and his sons established Seguso viro in 1993. 

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Height: 7.91" (20.1 cm)
Diameter: 2.36" (6 cm)

Literature Reference:
Marc Heiremans, Seguso Vetri D'Arte, Stuttgart 2014, page 141 and 144 (similar designs)

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