Vintage Murano Sommerso Glass Vase by Salviati & Co. ca. 1960
Item e6282

A vintage art glass vase in blue and violet sommerso glass. Manufactured by Salviati & Co., Venezia. Most probably designed by Lugiano Gaspari. Company lable on the base 'salviati venezia'. The vase was manufactured in Murano ca. 1960

In 1859 Antonio Salviati opended the glassworks Societa Anonima per Azioni Salviati & Co which was later renamed to Salviati & Co. In the 19th century Salviai's products were mainly reproductions of ancient Roman, Alexandrian as well as Baroque glasses. Salviati's glasses won widespread acknowledgement on international exhibitions. In the 20th century Salviatie collaborated with multiple artits such as Antonio Da Ros, Luciano Gaspari, Sergio Asti, Somon Moore and others.

Height: 10.04" (25.50 cm)
Diameter: 2.56" (6.5 cm)
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