welcome to artfour, the specialist for antique hunting furnishings, antique fantasy furniture and antique black forest wood carvings. artfour is a composition of art and four modelled after the four founding members in 1998. artfour - that´s us - markus and martina mix.

about artfour

how it all began

the idea of artfour was born in 1998 as an online auction house for crafts and design. but as life goes one partner after the other decided to leave. as is so often the case it was chance that set things rolling and artfour was offered a large set of antler furniture from a hunting room. this opened up a new market and passion for us and we changed our portfolio completely. antler art and fantasy furniture have excited our interest and we have specialized in this sector. roughly in the year 2005 we met maximilian fritz and we were fortunate to fascinate him with our passion for antler arts. we are a great team with professional skills and knowledge and work enthusiastically with heart, passion and lots of fun.

antler art and furniture request optimum storage and we relocated several times. we started with a rented storage depot in Ulm and opened our first business premises in the year 2000 in Thalfingen, a beautiful historic village east of Ulm. the cooperation with maximilian offered us the possibility to share storage space in his great warehouse in Wolznach in the nothern catchment area of Munich. the dream of an own antique warehouse turned into a desire and we started an intensive search. in 2011 we discovered a nearly 100-years old farmhouse with a suited large barn in Berghülen, a small village located almost in the middle of Stuttgart and Munich. the barn was originally used to store hay and straw, the latter was still left since the last animals left about 40 years ago. a huge amount of manual work was necessary and every helping hand was welcomed. many thanks to our family and friends which supported us whenever they could. the reconstruction of the barn was a great challenge for us. the complete floor had to be replaced and about 20 tons of crushed rock had to be laid, mainly manually. the wooden structure was replaced by a new one and the idea was to keep the original construction technique. the arrival of the first parts to our antique warehouse was an honestly earned reward and we enjoyed it like little children. artfour owns so many beautiful parts and they all had to be presented on the right best place. in 2014 artfour´s beautiful barn celebrated its 100th anniversary and we invited family, friends and customers for a really wonderful party. the following pictures will give you a brief insight into our highlights.

about markus mix

my fascination for antiques already started during my studies. i loved to visit flea markets regularly and i started to collect arts and crafts, mainly art glass. since this time martina and i are always looking for extraordinary pieces for our private furnishing and our antique business. after finishing my studies i desired to combine my profession in computer science with my hobby of collecting and selling art. today martina and i run artfour together with maximilian fritz and we are looking forward to more successful years in the future.

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our products

over the years artfour is able to call on a tried and tested network of experts, restorers and suppliers all over Europe. we visit trade fairs and antique markets on a regular base and we only buy and sell antique parts we are convinced of. we do not sell forgeries or antique imitates. we describe all articles to the best of our knowledge and belief.

although we store roughly some hundreds of antique pieces in our warehouse we continuously search for additional unique parts. the stories behind our parts are sometimes adventurous, fantastic or just even fortune.

we like to share one wonderful story of a beautiful part which was once offered for sale - the world´s largest black forest grandfather clock in cuckoo clock style. 134 inch high and 55 inch wide and we had the incredible luck to buy this unique clock from a dealer in south germany. and we desperately needed to know more about it. we took the time to search for the history of this clock, we spoke to relatives of the manufacturer and we had the opportunity to read and copy old documents, pictures and family tales. for us this was an adventurous journey taking us back into the magnificent times of the past.

world largest grandfather cuckoo clock executed by the black forest clock makers adolf and alfred herr in the late 1940s the clock was projected for a swiss hotel. the clock has multiple function with a cuckoo, a quail, a frog and a musical movement, but step by step. the complete clock is ornamented with lots of beautifully carved fir trees. front down a hunter meets a young lady. on the clock´s face on the left dwarfs are playing cards around a table and typical black forest animals are sourrounded. the clockwises are made of deer antlers and the clockwork is extraordinary: every full hour the cuckoo sings its chant, every quarter hour a quail twitters, every half an hour the door of the mushroom opens and a frog croaks and finally every three-quarter hour an Älpler blows an alphorn. as magnificent as it sounds the story of the clock continued tragical. after handed over to the swiss hotel the clock got badly damaged in case of fire. the clock was send back to the black forest for restoration and later temporary stored for twenty years in switzerland. artfour luckily aquired this extraordinary piece but despite its fascinating history the clock was very difficult to sell. today a private art collector in munich enjoys this pricelessly grandfather cuckoo clock. a moving life story...... 

our customers

artfour enthuses customers from all over the world. on the maps below you can find places to those we have sold in 2014. check out if we have sold to your area already.

artfour sales in the USA 2014

artfour sales in europe 2014

the entire ordering process is handled by martina and markus. the customer is our focus in our way of thinking and acting. artfour loves to share experience and knowledge of antler art, packaging fragile antique parts and is always open to criticism and suggestions. artfour is part of the word-of-mouth global community with comments and articles via twitter, facebook, pinterest and so on. on artfour´s webpage you can find an own blog which is updated regularly with interesting new products, topics and market information and useful advise concerning antler antiques. we also use online platforms like 1stdibs and ebay to offer and promote our strengths in antler arts. those platforms monitor and assess the level of customer satisfaction and you are welcomed to inform yourself about us.


press review

we have put together a range of artfour´s press revies and we hope you enjoy persuing and reading:

weltkunst edition no.79 published in autum 2013 presented an article about the way of living in Munich seen with the eyes of the famous german producer Helmut Dietl in his works between 1970 and 1990. artfour had the chance to present its extraordinary antler furniture style and the article has shown some of artfour´s eye-catchers.

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styling magazine Australia has published an article about artfour in its december edition 2013. coty farquhar writes about  markus and martina mix & maximilian fritz and their special hunt for extraordinary antler art and the passion for antler antiques is supported by an emphatic picture gallery.

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