school wall charts - memoirs of old school times

Friday, 24 January 2014

Have you one been one of the lucky students at school who was allowed to roll out the wall chart, the teacher had pinned on the wall? What a feeling!. This old piece of paper with its characterisitc smell was used as illustrative model for decades when teachers used hardy any electronic equipment at school.


Take a rest and enjoy our picture scenery of antique and vintage wall charts and let your mind remember your time at school.....

school wall charts - memoirs of old school times

The idea to valorise the dismal every day life at school in the late 18th century by using pictures was encouraged by Johann Bernhard Basedow. In 1774 he published a four-volumend book "Elementarwerk" which combined text, picture and factual information with nearly hundred copperplates. It took some time to enlarge this modern teaching opportunities from rich private schools to rural grade schools. Modern printing methods supported this spread and wall charts in classrooms manifested itself. The oldest mentioned series of wall charts were published in 1820 to 1838 with a range of six booklets including 63 charts in large size. At the beginning of the 20th century publishers started printing school wall charts like in assembly-line work. In 1963 about 1700 wall charts were available and biological wall charts in particular asserted itself a long time unless modern media finally replaced them. From antique to vintage artfour offers a colourful bunch of school wall charts.