Vintage Art Glass Vase of the 4 Quarti Series by Seguso Viro
Item e7121

A large art glass vase in shape of a paper bag (cartoccio). The vase is part of the "4 Quarti" series which was designed by Giampalo Seguso and manufactured by Seguso Viro in the 1990s. The stunning piece is made in incalmo technique by joining four rectangular glass pieces in the colours red, blue, yellow and green and with gold foil between the layers. The wonderful display piece features the incised "Seguso Viro Murano" mark on the base.

Seguso Viro (founded in 1993) is the continuation of a family tradition that goes back to the 14th century. Since then, members of the Seguso family have been documented as glassmakers in Venice. In the early 20th century, members of the Seguso family where involved in the foundation of "Seguso Vetri d'Arte". The congenial collaboration between the leading designer Flavio Poli (1900-1984) and the master glassblower Archimede Seguso (1909-1999) produced style-defining works in thick-walled crystal glass. Archimede Seguso left the company and founded the "Vetreria Archimede Seguso" in 1946. While "Seguso Vetri d'Arte" closed in 1976, Archimede Seguso is still one of the leading art glas manufacturers in Murano. Archimedes second son Giampaolo, who worked in the company from 1964 to 1992, founded "Seguso Viro" in 1993 with the aim of bringing Venetian glass into the 21st century.

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Height: 11.42" (29 cm)
Diameter: 7.87" (20 cm)

Literature Reference:
Marc Heiremans, Seguso Vetri D'Arte, Stuttgart 2014, page 392
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