Art Glass Dove by Aldo Nason Murano ca. 1968
Item e6761

A rare Murano art glass dove designed and manufactured by Aldo Nason in the late 1960s. Dark handblown glass with colorful zanfirico and gold leave inclusions covered with a clear glass overlay. The dove is similar to the famous Yokohama glasses which Nason produced in his own workshop after he left A.V.E.M. in 1967. The Yokohama vases are one of the iconic designs of the art glass production in Murano in the 20th century.

Length: 8.07" (20.5 cm)
Width: 3.94" (10 cm)
Height: 6.3" (16 cm)

Literature Reference:
Cristina Beltrami and Giordana Naccari, The Glass Ark Animals in the Pierre Rosenberg Collection, Milano 2021, Page 137
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