Reticello Art Glass Vase by Dino Martens for Aureliano Toso (attr.) Murano ca. 1950s
Item e7119

A vintage Murano art glass vase. Manufactured most probably by Aureliano Toso and designed by Dino Martens around 1950. Colorless glass with applied white filigrana glass threads and air bubbles at the intersections of the canes. Pinched thread overlay on the sides and attached foot in colorless with light gold foil fusion.

Coming from a family of Murano glassmakers, Aureliano Toso founded his own company in 1938. The collaboration with the painter and artist Dino Martens already showed the first successes at the XXIII Venice Biennale. Over the years, more daring creations followed, which, as with Pop Art, were clearly far ahead of their time. Later, the influence of artists like Gino Poli and Enrico Potz can be seen in the creations. The production ended in 1965.

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Height: 8.46" (21.5 cm)
Diameter: 6.69" (17 cm)

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