Antique Black Forest Red Deer Trophy from Salem - Germany, Banzenreuthe 1875
Item e6248

A 6 pointer black forest red deer (Cervus elaphus) trophy from the palace of Salem in South Germany. Shot by a member of the lordly family of Baden in 1875. The handwritten inscriptions are on the skull with, place of the hunt, family crest and date. It is mounted on a nice Biedermeier wooden plaque with inventory number on the back. The item is in good condition, the paint on the plaque is partly peeled off.

Trophies are mementos from the hunted game, which are kept by the huntsmen as a souvenir or decorative item. For many centuries it was a tradition to collect trophies. Nowadays exactly these are becoming more and more popular as decorative highlights in hunting lodges.

This article contains parts of animal origin, which belong to non-endangered and non-threatened animals and follow the US Fish & Wildlife regulations. They are not listed on CITES Appendix I and II. Our international shipping follows all country laws.

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Width: 26.38" (67 cm)
Height: 26.77" (68 cm)
Depth: 23.62" (60 cm)
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