Antique Painting Cattle Carriage on an Alpine Lake, Oil on Canvas 19th century
Item e6688

A lovely antique oil painting depicting a Tyrolian farmers family which loads their cattle heard onto a boat. The scene is located on an mountain lake in the Alpine landscape. Oil on canvas 1st half of the 19th century. Framed with vintage gilded frame, paint partly with craquelure. This painting will be a highlight in each rural decoration.

Alpine oil painting is a non-academic form of rustic art. The content depicted reflects the life of the people in their culture and landscape. The artists like to show the magnificence of the Alps and the domestic and wild animals that are native there. Traditional life with festivals and customs are also depicted with pleasure.

artfour is an owner-managed trading company dealing in Black Forest woodcarvings, antler furniture and an impressive variety of unique decorative items. Our antiques are displayed in a 100 years old barn in southern Germany which we have remodeled ourselves. Antique pieces have been our passion since the 1980s. We ship worldwide, perfectly packed and with money back guarantee. This qualifies us as your preferred partner for Black Forest and antique art.

Width: 22.05" (56 cm)
Height: 19.29" (49 cm)
Depth: 1.77" (4.5 cm)
Inside width: 19.29" (49 cm)
Inside height: 12.99" (33 cm)
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