Oil painting Miraculous Image of Insbruck Maria with Child after Cranach
Item e5749

An antique oil painting depicting the Holy Mother with Child named the Miraculous Image of Insbruck. Oil on canvas with pastell colors. Painted after a painting of Lucas Cranach which is part of the altar in the cathedral of Insbruck. Framed with antique wooden frame. Unsigned, Germany, Bavaria early 18th century. Restauration on the left upper side.

Oil Paintings with religious context have a long history. Usual they were commissioned by the church but since the 15th century also by private clients. Often they are utilized for the deep rooted tradition of the home altar 'Herrgottswinkel' where the families come together. The image of Mary is maybe the most common representation in Christian art. The life and crucifixion of Jesus also occupies a large space in this art movement.

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Width: 25.98" (66 cm)
Height: 30.51" (77.5 cm)
Depth: 1.18" (3 cm)
Inside width: 23.62" (60 cm)
Inside height: 30.31" (77 cm)
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