Antique Oil Print with Dramatic Poacher Scene after Josef Ringeisen
Item e6864

A colorful oil print depicting a dramatic poaching scenery in the Bavarian alps. A poacher is caught in the act by the hunter and his staghound. To better emphasize the details, the print is additionally decorated with silver metal powder. The template for this print is a famous painting by Josef Ringeisen with the name "Caught". Framed behind glass in a wooden frame with painted finish. Frame with traces of use.

Oil color printing, also called oleography or oil printing, is a technique of color lithography (chromolithography). Unlike artistic original printmaking, the primary goal here is not to produce an original multiple times (as a print from an original print medium, that is, from a plate that the artist has worked on himself), but to duplicate an image as a reproduction, imitating the impression of a painted original oil painting. Oil color printing was often used in the 19th century to reproduce famous paintings.

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Width: 14.96" (38 cm)
Height: 12.01" (30.5 cm)
Depth: 0.98" (2.5 cm)
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