Finely Carved Wood Chamois Brienz, Switzerland ca. 1920
Item e6793

A delicately handcarved wood sculpture of a chamois. A very detailed and natural carving excecuted by one of the Swiss woodcarvers from the area of Brienz, ca. 1920.

The tradition of wood carving, using manual skills to make everyday objects and fine art sculptures, is found throughout Europe. The incentive to create not only useful but also aesthetically beautiful things, distinguishes the craftsman from the artist. In addition to the well-known Swiss wood carving artists, others can also be named in Italy / Tyrol with Steiner, in Germany with Madel and in Austria with Heissl. Their wood-carving art works with sculptures, wall plaques and reliefs enhance any interior design.

Width: 7.09" (18 cm)
Height: 12.6" (32 cm)
Depth: 3.15" (8 cm)

Literature Reference:
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