Vintage Antler Chandelier with Forged Iron Suspension
Item e5942

A beautiful filigree worked forged iron chandelier with 4 large elk antlers. Excecuted ca. 1950. The chandelier has 20 spouts for candles and is not electrified.

Antler furniture have been one of the popular novelties of the great exhibition of the industries of all nations in London in 1851. A new lifestlye trend was born and the ambitious European middle-class generated a fabulous upswing. One of the first designers to be mentioned is the German horn carver and furniture manufacturer H. F. C. Rampendahl who gained enthusiastic successes on several world exhibitions with his antler furniture. In the aftermath one began to manufacture antler furniture in series.

Height: 23.62" (60 cm)
Diameter: 51.18" (130 cm)

Literature Reference:
Sabine Spindler, Antler Furniture 1825-1925, Munich 2006
Bruce M. Newman, Fantasy Furniture, New York 1989
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