The Grand Budapest Hotel

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Have you been enchanted by the movie the Grand Budapest Hotel? An amazing, enjoyable and whimsical movie - a bon vivant, especially for people being fascinated by exceeding decoration. Artfour has been addressed the chance to equip the movie with antler furniture highlights.
The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel movie by Wes Anderson has been premiered at the Berlinale. A bizarre comedy-drama film critically acclaimed. Almost all parts are well cast. The charade´s biggest attractions are the stunning decoration - its fetishization of props. Extraordinary antler furniture and fantasy furniture was loaned by artfour e.g. a large antique antler table, decorated with several antlers and horn carving corners; an eye-catching antler wardrobe; a picturesque suite consisting of settee and chairs added by a majestic elefant side table; fancy taxidermy heads like antelope and wild boar, a phantastic antler wall clock ....... see all pictures below.

Each individual item was used to pinpoint the effect of the film scenes.