Ringing the Cow Bell

Today artfour is ringing the cow bells.

Find a fine selection of antique Swiss Alpine versions with nicely decorated leather straps.

Ringing the Cow Bell

Searching for an extra-ordinary decoration highlight? How about an antique cow bell from the Alpes of Switzerland? Artfour presents a great selection of different bells. For a better impression, you are able to listen to their sounds via youtube videos. Just click on the image and you are automatically linked to the corresponding video.

What a concert of different cow bells ringing! They are all very stylish with ordinated leather straps and buckles. Some of them are handforged or casted bronze.

Which sound is your favorite?

  • e6328
  • e6328c
  • e6329
  • e6329b
  • e6330
  • e6330c
  • e6331
  • e6331e
  • e6332
  • e6332e
  • e6333
  • e6333e
  • e6334
  • e6335
  • e6336
  • e6336e
  • e6337
  • e6337e