"artifact and natural wonder" - the exhibition

Wednesday, 07 January 2015

"artifact and natural wonder" (Artefakt und Naturwunder)

A wooden female bust with a lofty but pleasant glance - fastened with iron chains hanging from the ceiling - her body fixed to a deer antler and shaped as a chandelier with wrought-iron candle holders.

This unique work was originated approximately 1540 in the North of Switzerland and enjoyed great popularity at the exhibition of the Peter and Irene Ludwig foundation in 2011 in Oberhausen.

"artifact and natural wonder - the exhibition"

The fasicnation for lusterweibchen continues and all enthusiastas enjoyed the great collection of Peter and Irene Ludwig. Their lusterweibchen was presented together with items of loan from Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, Aachen, Universtitätsbibliothek Augsburg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuernberg and so on in Oberhausen in 2011. In total the exhibition presented ten lusterweibchen (at a guess around the world 200 art works are detectable). Another highlight of this exhibition was the "Drachenleuchter" (dragon chandelier) by Veit Stoß from 1522 desgined from a draft from Albrecht Dürer. Paintings and art designs of luesterweibchen completed so far unexplored topic.

In case you missed this creat exhibition Kerbler Art summarised this event in a book with the exhibitions titel and provides additional information.