Heinz Schiestl - a famous master of lusterweibchen

Friday, 01 July 2016

Heinz Schiestl (1867-1940) is a well-known master of lusterweibchen at the beginning of the 20th century. As firstborn son in an artistic family from Tirol he moved to Wuerzburg, Germany at the age of four. Together with his two brothers Heinz Schiestl studied carving and he had the chance to develop his painting skills at the Munich Academy of Arts.

lusterweibchen by heinz schiestl

Heinz Schiestl´s luesterweibchen


The works of art from Tilman Riemenschneider (1460-1531) fascinated Heinz Schiestl and this influence can sometimes be discovered in his creations although his intenion was always far away from copying Riemenschneider.

After his studies Schiestl took over his father´s workshop in Wuerzburg and began to furnish various churches in Franken with altar decoration, stations of the cross and busts.

Furthermore Heinz Schiestl succeeded in creating a unique speciality the so called "Schiestl-rooms" He furnished complete rooms for the rich upper class (merchants, factory owners and craftsmen) and created a habit of living. Lusterweibchen illuminated these type of rooms with its apotropaic magic chandeliers´light. Typical examples can bee seen today at Schloss Mainberg near Schweifurt or at the restaurant Wuerzburger Ratskeller.

Imagine the feeling of enjoying the evening at home together with family and friends with the table illumination by a Schiestl lusterweibchen.....