Edelweiss furniture with great inlays from Brienz

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Do you love to enhance your decoration style by sublime furniture? Brienz artists have managed it to forge a link between decorative perfection and ingenious assembly. The Edelweiss furniture style from Brienz is definitely somethings special and today artfour gets you enthusiastic about it.

Edelweiss furniture with great inlays from Brienz

While attempting to find a unique selling point in the furniture market in the late 1850s Brienz wood carvers played on their strengths and combined their successfull animal sculptures with whimsical furniture. Bear seatings, wood bookends with mountain goats, umbrella stands with dogs, gnome tables and the grandiose hall trees. No matter the fact whether you prefer more apperance than function such an item of Edelweiss furniture will spiff up your furnishings.


Edelweiss furniture are made of lindenwood with elaborate edelweiss carvings and decorative inlays works. The inlays typically show animals and folksy scenes of the swiss alps.