antique wooden nutcracker

Monday, 27 January 2020

do you like nuts? yes, of course. what kind of tool do you use to open nuts? yes, a nutcracker. what a silly question you might think, but nutcrackers have been far more than just a simple tool. join artfour today on a little digression into the history of antique nutcrackers.

antique wooden nutcracker

the first historically mentioned nutcracker was assigned to Aristoteles and had two lever arms. besides of the function the tool was supplemented with crafted figures. In the late 19th century Jacob Grimm has even attributed this idols a mystical power to soothe the puck. artists have created various characters of nutcrackers, e.g. caricatural, esthetic or childlike. brienz wood carvers have ornated nutcrackers with their famous beautiful animal and whimsical sculptures. artfour has compiled an enchanting picture gallery of antique Brienz nutcrackers.

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