about lustermaennchen

Friday, 23 January 2015

history of lustermaennchen

Less known and in rare cases created lusters were designed as male models, so called lustermaennchen. They were decorated in mundane rooms e.g. town halls or snuggeries of castles.

about lustermaennchen

famous lustermaennchen and similar chandeliers

An irrecoverable famous lustermaennchen was created by Heinz Schiestl for " Weinhaus zum Stachel" in Wuerzburg in 1913.

Other male examples are huntsmen, monks (as Kellermeister - cellarman), mythological figures like Poseidon, dwarves, musicians and knights.

Despite of lustermaennchen the enthusiast of apotropaic magic chandeliers could also illuminate their rooms with mythical creatures, known as dragon chandeliers. This third type of antler chandeliers intensified the fascinating combination of art and nature.

some examples of lustermaennchen