Toots Zynsky Prototype Bowl of the Folto Series, Venini 1984
Item e6552

A large bowl of the Folto series designed by Toots Zynsky for Venini in 1984. Red and light green incamiciato glass with a folded neck and a glass spiral decoration on the body. Manufactured by Venini Murano Venice 1984. Incised signature "Zynsky venini 84" on the base and Venini Company and Museo lables on the body. The vase was bought in the 1990s directly from the Venini collection.

Height: 5.91" (15 cm)
Depth: 10.43" (26.5 cm)

Literature Reference:
Franco Deboni, Venini Glass Volume 2, Turin 2007, plate 321
Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Gli Artisti di Venini, Milano 1996, page 38
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