Antique Antler Mirror with Console Table, Austria, ca. 1860

Antique Antler Mirror with Console Table, Austria, ca. 1860
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A large antler mirror with console table, made in Austria ca. 1860. The mirror is decorated with turned horn roses, antler pieces, wild boar tusks, and a mass fox head on top. a large stag trophy is holding the top of the console table, base and console top with marble slap. The mirror frame, console rim and console base are covered with stucco cover imitating an antler veneer.

width: 35.43" (90cm)
height: 90.55" (230cm)
depth: 19.69" (50cm)
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The first antler furniture

Trophies of the chase have been used to decorate log cabins and hunting lodges for many a long years. Antlers and stuffed heads mounted on walls where the first hunting objects used to fashion homes. A hunting lodge replete with antlers and stuffed animals may probably have been the place where the first ideas for antler furnishings came up. Antler furniture are furniture which are either manufactured completely from e. g. stag antlers, or furniture which are decorated with antler pieces from the stag, deer, fallow deer... or veneered with sliced antler pieces to get a hunting design. Antler furniture are in addition often decorated with carved horn roses, wild boar tusks and horns from the ibex or chamois.

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