Antique Lusterweibchen of a Patrician Lady ca. 1900
Item e6986

An antique lusterweibchen chandelier of a medieval patrician lady holding a heraldig blazon which features the bavarian colors and the muenchner kindl (munich child). The luster is made of plaster with handpainted finish and mounted on a large pair of fallow deer antlers. It comes with handforged iron suspension and 4 handforged iron candle fixtures. Manufactured in Germany around 1900. Very good condition, partly repainted.

A characteristic example of a lusterweibchen is a wooden female bust with a lofty but pleasant glance. The sculpture is fastened with iron chains hanging from the ceiling, the body is fixed to a deer antler and shaped as a chandelier with wrought-iron candle holders. The first chandeliers which are designated to the so-called lusterweibchen can be assigned to the end of the 14th century. People were fascinated by the combination of art and nature and the impressive design emitted a subliminal apotropaic magic. Famous artists such as Veit Stoss, Albrecht Dürer and Tilman Riemenschneider designed marvellous unique lusterweibchen and set standards for many successors. From the second half of the 19th century until the beginning of World War I a fashionable domicile was equipped with a lusterweibchen. An industry of lusterweibchen manufacturers evolved and lusterweibchen could be purchased from catalogues. Lusterweibchen are multifaceted. Noble ladies, Dianas, mermaids and guilds are fondly used characters. But they are not majority female. There are also well-known mystical creatures (dragons, chimeras, animal and hybrid creatures) and popular lustermaennchen.

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Length: 29.13" (74 cm)
Width: 32.28" (82 cm)
Height: 36.61" (93 cm)
Height figure: 19.69" (50 cm)
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