Antique Leather Strap with Six Casted Cattle Bells, Switzerland ca. 1900s
Item e6990

An antique leather strap with six casted bronze cattle bells from the swiss Alps manufactured ca. 1900. Cattle bells are used to locate cattles in the pasture. Cattles wear them around their neck so owners can easily find them in the Alpine landscape. Good condition with patinated bronze finish. This authentic antique piece is a great home decoration and brings the Swiss countryside into your home. 

artfour is an owner-managed trading company that sells Black Forest wood carvings, antler furniture and an impressive variety of unique decorative items. Our antiques are on display in a century-old barn in southern Germany, which we renovated ourselves. Antiques have been our passion since the 1980s. We ship worldwide, perfectly packaged and with a money back guarantee. This allows us to be your preferred partner for the Black Forest and ancient art.

Length: 53.54" (136 cm)
Width: 2.36" (6 cm)
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