Large Wooden Carved Cow Statue, Johann Huggler attr. Brienz ca. 1900
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A very large naturalistic carved Black Forest cattle standing on a shaped wooden plinth. Most probably carved in the workshop of Johann Huggler around 1900 in Brienz, Swizerland. The muscular animal is carved in lindenwood and has been finished with realistic details. A great addition to a traditional decor in your home or an office setting. It perfectly can be displayed on a desk or vitrin. The statue is in very good condition.

The wood carving tradition in Brienz dates back to mid of the 19th century.  People in the region were looking for new employment opportunities. They used their skills from traditional crafts, carving everyday objects and sculptures, and  created a new business. Many woodcarvers where trained in the "School of Wood Carving, Brienz" which was established in 1884. Around 1900 the woodcarving industry counted ca. 2000 woodcarvers. Brienz woodcarvings were presented on several worlds fairs with great success. With the Gran Tour Tourism wealthy people from all over the word visited the area and took their woodcarving souvenirs home. Today some companies, like "Huggler Holzbildhauerei" still exist and build traditional sculptures.

Length: 14.57" (37 cm)
Width: 5.12" (13 cm)
Height: 10.63" (27 cm)

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