Antique Wooden Mantel Clock with Eagle, Swiss 1900
Item e4140

A great carved linden wood mantel clock with a very detailled carved eagle sitting on a rock with foliage decorations. The porcelaine clockface has handpainted numerals, handcarved in Switzerland - Brienz ca. 1900. The clockwork was overworked by a clockmaker and is in working order. It comes with original key.

Soberly considered mantel clocks are small pendulum clocks with feet. The exposed position on the protruding part of the chimney makes it an exquisite room decoration. In order to create an eye-catcher for the central place in the living area, all the craftsmanship of the wood artist is required. Even though these clocks are not as talked about as the famous Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks, they are a must-have for any great fireplace. 

Width: 14.17" (36.0 cm)
Height: 24.8" (63.0 cm)
Depth: 5.12" (13.0 cm)

Literature Reference:
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