Sculptural Antique Wooden Carved Black Forest Baroque Deer Head
Item e6629

An antique wooden carved Black Forest baroque deer head. Carved in typical abstract style of the 18th century. It features a large real deer horn trophy and rests of its original gilded finish. A great individual piece which enhances every wall decoration.

A special way to present hunting trophies is to attach them to carved animal heads. This tradition exists since the Middle Ages. Even after intensive investigations, it is not yet possible to explain exactly how this happened. The carved heads are often colored and mounted on cartouches that are also carved and painted. They follow a naturalistic representation and one could think that in this way they are symbolically brought back from the abstraction of dead antlers into liveliness. Famous artists to be named are Madl in Ichenhausen, Germany and Heissl in Ebensee, Austria. Around 1900, the antler collection at the Palace of Arco-Zinneberg was an epitome for any lover of this art.

Width: 48.03" (122 cm)
Height: 35.43" (90 cm)
Depth: 24.8" (63 cm)
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