Large Antique Sofa with Long Horn Decoration, Austria ca. 1870
Item e4927

A large bull horn furniture sofa ca. 1870, decorated with a set of antique long horns and covered with vintage cattle coat (has to be renewed - is loosing the hairs). The iron legs improve stability. It was manufactured in Austria ca. 1870.

artfour is an owner-managed trading company dealing in Black Forest woodcarvings, antler furniture and an impressive variety of unique decorative items. Our antiques are displayed in a 100 years old barn in southern Germany which we have remodeled ourselves. Antique pieces have been our passion since the 1980s. We ship worldwide, perfectly packed and with money back guarantee. This qualifies us as your preferred partner for Black Forest and antique art.

This article contains parts of animal origin, which belong to non-endangered and non-threatened animals and follow the US Fish & Wildlife regulations. They are not listed on CITES Appendix I and II. Our international shipping follows all country laws.

Width: 59.06" (150 cm)
Height: 51.18" (130 cm)
Depth: 29.53" (75 cm)
Seat height: 18.9" (48 cm)
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