Large Antique Antler Gun Cabinet Bohemia ca. 1870
Item e3530

A large gun cabinet from a noble hunting estate in Bohemia. The massive oak cabinet is richly decorated with original horns from the deer, the fallow deer and turned horn roses. On top it features two wooden carved fox heads and a roe buck head with original antlers, all with glass eyes. The feet of the cupboard are carved as hooves from a roe deer. Inside with drawers for ammo and storage for hunters equipement and rifles. This great cabinet needs space to develop its full effect. It will be the highlight in every hunting room. Manufactured in Bohemia in the second half of the 19th century. Good condition with some minor verner defects.



Width: 70.87" (180 cm)
Height: 104.33" (265 cm)
Depth: 23.62" (60 cm)
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