fantasy furnishings from the south of germany

fantasy furniture are unusual and exotic furniture which have been manufactured in Europe, the United States and the Far East in the 19th and 20th century. Among fantasy furmiture man can summarize e.g. grotto furniture, horn and antler furniture, belle epoque furniture.
image of large antique store snake, germany ca. 1820

large antique store snake, germany ca. 1820

a very rare so called "shop snake" from a german general store. these snakes have been hanged above the counter in general and village stores in the 19th century, and have been used to hang up goods for sale. very good condition, painted over, original fixtures comes along with the piece.
image of antique horn sofa ca. 1870

antique horn sofa ca. 1870

a large bull horn furniture sofa ca. 1870, covered with vintage cow coat which has to be renewed (is loosing the hairs). iron legs added to improve stability. manufactured in austria ca. 1870.